financial education

Student Credit Unions
Virginia Educators Credit Union offers student credit union programs for elementary, middle, and high school students. Through the program, students are ‘hired’ as employees and receive hands-on experience learning and performing all duties required of the student tellers. The goal is for students to become financially educated, gain real-world work experience and money management skills.

If you are interested in bringing a Student Credit Union program to your school, please contact us at or at 757.930.2425 ext. 953 for more information.


Financial Literacy Presentations

VECU has developed a financial literacy program that is based on the SOL curriculum and incorporates STEM initiatives. This program is available for all grade levels and is completed in one 45-minute visit. We work with you to cater the presentations to topics that will best meet your classrooms needs.

Contact us at or at 757.930.2425 ext. 953 to schedule your FREE session today!

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