Personal Loans

Signature Loans

A Signature Loan from Virginia Educators Credit Union offers loan limits for no more than you want, and no less than you require for all purposes from unexpected expenses to vacations. Loans are offered for as little as $200 through $20,000+.

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Secured Loans

To receive one of the best loan rates, consider using your credit union savings as collateral for your loan. With a Secured Loan from VECU you can pledge funds in your savings or certificate accounts to cover the amount of the loan.

Secured loans from VECU are a great option to help you build your credit or make a purchase without dipping into your savings. The funds pledged continue to earn dividends and as the loan balance decreases, the amount pledged decreases as well!

Savings Secured Loan: Annual Percentage Rate = current basic dividend rate + 3% Certificate Secured Loan: Annual Percentage Rate = certificate rate + 3%

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Salary Advance Loans

Virginia Educators Credit Union’s Salary Advance Loan offers a reasonable financing option to members as an alternative to outrageously high rates offered by payday lenders that typically prey on people’s financial desperation by assessing interest rates
of 500% or more on the cash advances they provide.

VECU’s Salary Advance Loan is designed to help members in times of financial need, without causing them to become victims of financial exploitation. Financial Service Representatives work with members that apply for VECU’s Salary Advance Loan by assisting them in creating a budget for future expenses and providing them with the
financial resources they may need. The loan is even designed to help members establish a habit of saving with 5% of the loan proceeds deposited into the member’s savings account.

What You’ll need to Apply for Salary Advance Loan:

  • $15.00 application fee prior to loan disbursal
  • Pay stub for the most recent 30-day period or direct deposit to your VECU account within the past 30 days.
  • Account must be in good standing.

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Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

An Overdraft Protection Line of Credit from VECU adds an extra level of protection to your checking account that’s hassle free and helps save time and money! In the event that a checking account withdrawal (such as a debit card transaction, check, ACH, bill
payment, etc.) exceeds your available balance, your Overdraft Protection Line of Credit will automatically transfer funds to your checking account to cover the transaction up to your approved limit. It protects you from costly overdraft fees and from having
transactions denied for non-sufficient funds while also allowing you to avoid any extra trips to the credit union to fund your account. Overdraft Protection from VECU offers you peace of mind and more, click here to apply today!

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