switch kit

Make the switch to VECU today!

We make it easy to switch your account from another financial institution to Virginia Educators Credit Union. Just follow the steps below and begin enjoying all the benefits VECU membership has to offer.

1.) Become a Member
It only takes $5 to establish membership and there are no additional fees associated with opening a checking account at VECU. Once you’re a member, you’ll have access to products and services to help build a better financial future. Learn more about how you can Open an Account today!

If you are already a VECU member but do not have a checking account, please Contact Us and we will gladly assist you in setting up your account.

2.) Stop Using Your Previous Account
Stop using your account at your former financial institution and let any pending transactions clear. Make sure that you have enough funds available in your account to cover any automatic payments, checks, or debit card transactions that may still be withdrawn.

Check maturity dates on Certificates of Deposit to avoid early withdrawal penalties when transferring funds to your new VECU account.

3.) Switch Your Direct Deposit
Use VECU’s Direct Deposit Change Request form to notify companies that have been depositing funds into your previous account. Let them know that you would like to switch your direct deposit to your new account at Virginia Educators Credit Union.

4.) Switch Your Automatic Payments
Use VECU’s Automatic Payment Change Request form to notify companies that automatically take payments from your former checking account. Notify them to cancel your current automatic payment and switch your payment to your new VECU account.

Notify any companies that take payments from your former checking account using your debit card. Inform them of your new VECU Debit Card number and expiration date.

If you used an automatic bill payment service with your previous financial institution, use our Bill Payment Organizer to make the switch to VECU’s free Bill Pay.

5.) Close Your Previous Account
Once you have verified that your direct deposit and automatic payments have started posting to your account at Virginia Educators Credit Union and that all pending transactions have cleared your previous account, use VECU’s Account Closing Request form to close your account with your previous financial institution.

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